Moving Your Yacht

Quality of Service

We do not employ skippers. Our company Principle and Yachtmaster Instructor, Colin Jaquiss, personally plans and carries out every delivery. With thousands of sea miles gained in UK, European, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern waters, we have the experience to ensure your boat arrives in the best possible condition.

Personalised Communication to Meet Client Needs

Our personal service enables clear communication for all aspects of the sail, with safety as our first priority. We know how important your yacht is to you and we keep you well informed of progress from start to finish. We aim to establish and maintain a safe rate of progress toward the final destination, whilst diligently managing any stress to the boat. Our office team is on hand seven days a week to assist with information about the delivery. Additionally, we make every attempt possible to offer direct access to the delivery team during passage.

We Welcome Owners Onboard

We welcome all owners onboard to join all or part of the trip. We believe an assisted yacht delivery can present our clients the perfect opportunity to become more familiar with the boat, her systems and her handling under various conditions. This, under the guidance of an extremely experienced skipper, can provide an added benefit beyond the delivery itself.