Preparing for your Yachtmaster Certification

Achieving your Yachtmaster is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will encounter, the sense of achievement and new found freedom to explore the world, safely and efficiently is truly one of the greatest feelings.

At SunSea Yachting, all our prep weeks are run by our Principal and Chief Instructor, Colin Jaquiss, who has plenty of experience and an excellent record of success in preparing candidates for the RYA Yachtmaster examination.

We understand the standards required and know how to coach you to achieve them. However, in the end, you have to have the knowledge and skill and be able to demonstrate them on the examination day.

Our preparation course is designed to identify and address any weaknesses and polish skills and performance to achieve a high probability of success at the exam. Candidates must arrive on the course already equipped with the basic knowledge and skill and in reasonably current practice. There is no time to teach this knowledge and skill from the beginning.

We concentrate on advanced boat handling skills, good skippering psychology, pilotage, blind navigation, heavy weather techniques and general fine tuning of your sailing skills and theory knowledge. There will be no long passages, but it will include a fair amount of night sailing and evening revision.

By repetition and refinement of the sailing drills you might be put through on the day, this Yachtmaster prep course will help you to fully prepare for the Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore Exam.

The Exam Itself

We will arrange for an RYA Yachtmaster Examiner to come aboard the yacht to conduct the exam. This is often quite a daunting experience as each candidate can be examined in excess of 12 hours each. The examiner is there to pass you if at all possible and won’t try to mislead or trick you. Never the less, you will be nervous and feel under pressure to perform at your best.

Our prep week is simply intended to give you the best possible chance to do just that – perform your best.

Pre-requisites include a VHF license and First Aid Certificate.  Yachtmaster Coastal requires 800 logged miles and Yachtmaster Offshore requires 2,500 logged miles.

Duration:-   5 Days

Maximum 5 Students