Private Tuition

SunSea Yachting offers private tuition sailing courses for couples, families and groups of friends of all abilities. Private tuition means you don’t have to share the boat with strangers. Having your own instructor on a yacht by yourselves allows us to offer more individual attention than is often possible on a group course. It also ensures that we can tailor courses to meet the specific needs of everyone onboard.

Having an instructor to yourselves allows you to progress at your own pace and you can enjoy privacy as well as plenty of space and comfort.

You can bring up to five people on a private RYA course. If you come with fewer people, you’ll receive more individual attention.

You can share in the decisions about the type of places you want to visit, whether you prefer peaceful bays or busy harbours. You can start the day whenever you want to (within reason) and take your evening meal at whatever time you wish.

We always make sure students learn as much as they want; we don’t restrict ourselves to the syllabus if there is time to teach beyond it.

We can run a private course for just one person but you’ll need someone on board to crew for you. We can provide one of our qualified staff as crew in addition to your instructor.